Corvette Z06 - Full paint corretion and coated w/ Dr. Beasleys Nano Resin Pro

Summertime is here! now is the time to get the cobwebs cleaned off your clearcoat and protect your investment. $259-$1299

Spring has sprung and the time has come to get your car cleaned up from the long and harsh winter! Let us get the grime off the exterior and have your interior cleaned and freshened up.

Our AIO service includes a one step polish/sealant for the exterior, clay bar and interior vacuuming, glass cleaned, and all interior surfaces wiped down for $239 (cars), $349 (small SUV), and $449 (trucks, large SUV). Available options in addition are: interior steam cleaning, hot water extraction, and leather care packages (inquire for additional pricing).

Outshine the competition with our ceramic coating package which includes single-stage polish, paint decontamination w/clay bar, ceramic paint protection, interior vacuuming, steam cleaned upholstery/carpets, glass cleaned, surfaces wiped down, tires/wheels cleaned and dressed, and interior steam cleaning for $799 (cars), $899(small SUV) and $999-$1299 (trucks, large SUV).

Additional services available upon request. 

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We accept cash, VISA, MC, AMEX and Discover. 

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As a veteran owned company, we strive to deliver services that exceed our customer's expectations. The military has ingrained the importance of paying attention to detail, and you will see these results reflected in our work. As our business grows, we plan on hiring other veteran's and assisting both local and national veteran associations. 

Today we find our passions in providing services to those who don't necessarily have the time to tackle the job required in keeping up with the attention and detail that our cars deserve. We have been detailing cars for over 20 year. And we have always enjoyed the feeling of climbing into a meticulously clean car, taking off on some wayward journey down new roads and seeing others admiration of our hard work and attention to detail. Today, we are happy to share our enthusiasm and passions with you, our customers, and care for your car the same way we cared for our own. 

Let us take your car down that same journey, so that when the time comes you will reflect back at your journey as you cruise down the unknown. Welcome to Alpha Auto Detail!

Life is a journey, not a destination.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson




Exterior 'production car' detail

 When you want to put the sparkle and shine back in your cars life, this is the package for you. I start with a foam wash of the exterior body, followed by complete clay, an all-in-one polish/sealant, and spray wax. 
Starting at $199


Interior 'Production car' detail 

This is a place you spend a lot of time going between destinations. And you deserve to enjoy the peace of mind in a clean and fresh environment. Complete vacuuming, windows detailed and a wipe down of all interior surfaces. 
Starting at $89


Exterior 'Show car' detail

Looking to have your car on display for an upcoming show, or be the envy of your friends or club? Than this is for you. I start with a foam auto bath, complete clay bar, paint inspection, paint correction (compound) removal of medium swirls and oxidization, polish, and top it off with 'top shelf' wax.
Starting at $499


Ceramic Paint Coatings

Ceramic paint coatings bond to the paint, providing a "glassy" look, added protection, 50% more scratch resistant, and no need for waxes. Ceramic coatings lasts 1-3 years. Ceramic coatings offer the highest level of protection from the harsh Utah weather and road conditions. Included in this package is the same as 'show car detail' with the added step of ceramic coating applied to the body of the car. Can be applied to wheels, brake calipers, plastic trim and glass. 
Staring at $995 or add $299* to any above detail
*(requires paint decontamination and minor or major paint correction)

Wheel Detail

Looking to get those wheels to bring back that sparkle in your eyes? Here's your chance. Wheels will be cleaned with Iron X removal, polished and sealed to withstand all the elements from brake dust, to weather. Tires will be cleaned and two step tire dressing applied that won't "fling" off, or come off on your suit, after inspecting how "great" your wheels look. Product will last 4+ months. 
Starting at $89

Interior 'Show car' detail

Interior done right. A place you won't want to leave, and a smell you won't forget. Carpets cleaned with a hot water extractor, steam cleaned removing bacteria & soiled areas, leather surfaces cleaned and conditioned, all interior surfaces wiped down and treated. Windows detailed to a crystal clear view. 
Starting at $189


Engine detail

Ever heard the old saying, "so clean, I could eat off it?" Then this is for you and your engine bay. Engine will be thoroughly cleaned and dressed, and you'll be more than happy "popping" your hood and showing off the goods. 
Starting at $89

Other services available

Wet sanding (contact us for a free consultation)

Steam cleaning starting at $49

Hot water extraction starting at $89

Glass polishing (opt. ceramic coating) starting at $69

You don’t choose your passions, your passions choose you.
— Jeff Bezos

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